January 17, 2023 AMERICAN THINKER

By Paul E. Scates

As long as I can remember, there have been conspiracy theories about organizations bent on « taking over the world » — The John Birch Society…the Council on Foreign Relations…The Trilateral Commission.  After a tour in Vietnam and two subsequent years privy to top-secret information working for the Naval Security Group (a military arm of the NSA) opened my naïve eyes (I had enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 17 to « fight the communists »), I was angry enough that my government had lied to the American people (repeatedly) to spend much of my college study in discovering how they could get away with such a betrayal.  So I spent a lot of my college studies on government, political psychology, and philosophy in an attempt to understand how governments can so easily and often dupe their loyal populations.  

Fast-forward to the 21st century, where yet another entity is apparently « trying to take over the world. »  The World Economic Forum, headed by Klaus Schwab (he of the shaved head, heavy Teutonic accent, and penchant for space movie attire), could be considered just another object of the conspiracy nuts…but that would be a serious mistake.  Schwab and his minions have been working at this for over 50 years and, as far-fetched as it sounds, they’re very near achieving their globalist fantasies.  Schwab is now 84 years old, so he and his fellow aging comrades (George Soros is 92) must realize that their time on Earth is getting short.  I believe that’s why the « sudden » aggressiveness of the « woke, » progressive agenda, with the Critical Race Theory push and the claptrap about gender fluidity, transhumanism, etc.  But this movement for global control is anything but sudden.

In 1967, German socialist agitator Rudi Dutschke, building on Italian communist Antonio Gramsci’s cultural Marxism, coined the concept « the long march through the institutions » as a way for Marxists to capture Western societies without recourse to arms.  It called for socialists and their fellow travelers to infiltrate all of society’s institutions: politics, education, entertainment, the church, the military, etc.

Today, over 50 years hence, we’re seeing the inevitable result of that infiltration in the sexualization of our children; the refusal of attorneys general at the state and city level to enforce the law; the mocking of traditional Judeo-Christian values in books, movies, and TV shows; the destruction of capitalism by the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) and « stakeholder capitalism » takeover of the financial institutions of the West; the undisguised support of media and Big Tech communication tools like Twitter, Facebook, Google, et al., for this socialist and globalist approach, and their endless assault on our foundational values and principles like truth, honesty, freedom of speech, and property rights.  And above all, in their frantic warnings of global apocalypse due to « climate change, » the totally fabricated, absolutely un-scientific mania that requires us to give up fossil fuels as the lifeblood of society, destroying the most prosperous economies of the world.  These are all part of the effort by WEF to destroy the one thing that stands in the way of their perverse globalist dreams: the (once-free) constitutional republic of the United States of America.

Don’t buy it?  You shouldn’t, at least not just on my word.  So please go to the World Economic Forum website and view the list of their « partners » in their globalist schemes.  That will get your attention.  Almost every major world bank, most car manufacturers, Hewlett Packard, Apple, Walmart…it’s a Who’s Who list of world manufacturers and retailers.  You need to see that list because you’re buying their products (i.e., supporting their globalist scheme).

While you’re at it, take a gander at the list of notables from this country at the annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland (where the Swiss Army is providing security).  Yes, it’s the usual suspects like Democrat Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker, Senators Chris Coons of Delaware, Joe Manchin of West Virginia,, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, et al.  But it’s not just leftist, progressive Democrats.  There’s the panel with Republican governor Brian Kemp of Georgia and GOP representative Maria Elvira Salazar regarding « the reshaped legislative landscape in the United States as it relates to domestic and foreign policy. »  And there are Republican representatives Darrell Issa of California and Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin, and GOP senator James Risch of Idaho.  

It’s worth noting here that during the COVID pandemic, Schwab suggested that the lockdown-induced global recession presents an « opportunity » for the WEF elites to bring about a « Great Reset » of the planet’s economic and social systems.  The three parts of the plan are (1) governments promoting « fairer outcomes » in the marketplace, (2) channeling investments toward « equality and sustainability » efforts such as « stakeholder capitalism » and the ESG movement, and (3) using medical technology to address « health and social challenges. »

Not free and open markets (i.e., capitalism), but « fairer outcomes » (i.e., equity…the enforced equal outcomes for all, regardless of individual effort or investment) — in other words, the managed economy that led, after 70 years of deprivation, suffering, and shortages, to the collapse of the Soviet Union.  The « sustainability » part of investments has seen WEF champion and BlackRock CEO Larry Fink use the trillions under his control to force American companies to implement Schwab’s stakeholder capitalism and ESG restrictions to damage the U.S. fossil fuel industry in the name of « saving the climate » (aided, of course, by the Biden administration).  And surely I don’t need to comment on the « using medical technology » part, given the two-year and counting government oppression we’ve just experienced due to a « pandemic » that was no more dangerous than the seasonal flu.  

Of course such globalists conspiracies existed long before Schwab, Soros, et al. were even born.  There were « socialist » before the term was even coined: vain, talentless, resentful little men hiding in shadows, bitter that the world didn’t recognize how special they were, willing to destroy it all just to achieve their dreams of recognition and power.  Always « for the benefit of mankind, » of course, which is Schwab’s arrogant mantra.  Such were Marx, Lenin, and Mao; so, too, are Klaus Schwab, John Kerry, Justin Trudeau, new U.K. prime minister Rishi Sunak, and the rest of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders behind this evil drive for « the great reset, » which entails the destruction of Western civilization, just to assuage their petty egos and realize their self-serving fantasies.

What has been happening in the U.S. the past two years is the result of that « long march through the institutions » that started decades ago.  The WEF is very near to achieving all its goals, and at the expense of our freedom and prosperity.  President Biden and the Democrats are just the useful idiots who happen to be in charge at the moment the WEF’s plans finally came to fruition.  The RINOs are just as much to blame as the Democrats.  When they haven’t actively cooperated with the globalist schemes, they’ve stood by and done nothing to thwart their destruction of America’s foundations, a destruction we’re now witnessing daily.

The devil’s greatest lie was convincing people that he doesn’t exist.  Laura Hollis recently wrote a brilliant essay for the Patriot Post, « ‘Save the World’ Is a Racket; Stop Falling for It. »  The WEF’s fantastical vision of the future is just such a racket, every bit as foul and putrid as the now-disproven communist myth of equality and freedom was.  But the WEF « solution » is on the verge of becoming reality.

Image: Klaus Schwab.  Credit: World Economic Forum via FlickrCC BY-NC-SA 2.0.



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